Basic IRC commands

Many basic chat commands are also available in the menu!

  • /join (join a channel of your choice)
    Type: /join #channel
  • /me ‘does anything’ (perform an action)
    Type: /me takes a drink!
    What it looks like: AnCapGuy takes a drink!
  • /msg nickname message (start a private chat)
    Type: /msg Christina Hey—should I ditch my family?
    What it looks like: *Christina* Hey—should I ditch my family?
  • /nick newnickname (change your nickname)
    Type: /nick ObamaFan (limit 15 characters)
    What it looks like: AnCapGuy is now known as ObamaFan
  • /notice (send a short message to another person without opening up a private window)
    Type: /notice ObamaFan This may not be the channel for you!
    What it looks like: -ObamaFan- This may not be the channel for you!
  • /part (leave a channel)
    Type /part — to leave one channel
    Type /partall — to leave all the channels you are in
  • /query nickname message (Similar to the /msg, except it forces a window to pop open)
    Type: /query UPBisForMe Sooo….what’s new?
    What it looks like (in a new window): *AnCapGuy* soooo….what’s new?
  • /quit (disconnect from IRC altogether)
    Type: /quit
    What it looks like: AnCapGuy has quit (Quit: ).**
  • /ignore nickname (Discontinue receiving messages from someone)
    Type: /ignore ObamaFan
    What it looks like: ObamaFan is now ignored.
    To Un-ignore that person type /unignore ObamaFan
    What it looks like: ObamaFan is not ignored anymore.
  • /whois nickname (See a bit more information about another user)

How to create a private room

  1. Create a new room by typing /join #channel, where channel is the name of your new room.

    For rest of the instructions below, wherever you see “#channel,” substitute your room name. For example, “#MyPrivateRoom.”

  2. OPTIONAL: Register your room with /cs register #channel (Don’t bother doing this if the room is temporary).

  3. OPTIONAL: Inside the new room, assign a topic to it by typing /topic #channel This channel is about nihilism and ethics where This channel is about nihilism and ethics is the topic of the new channel.

  4. Invite others to join. In the larger, public channel, type /Invite someperson #channel, where someperson is the user name. If you want your channel to be invitation only, type /mode #channel +i.

  5. Set your new room to private by typing /mode #channel +p for private. If you don’t mind your new channel being public, don’t do anything. All new channels are automatically public.

Other stuff.

  • Alternatively, you can set a password for your channel by using /mode #channel +k somepassword. People can then join the channel with /join #channel password.
  • By creating a new private channel, you automatically become the operator (op) of that channel. You can pass along ops to another user by typing /op jack, where jack is the other user.
  • Creating a topic for your channel can help with discussion and also show anyone using the /list command what your channel is about. However, they won’t be able to see your channel in the list if you set it to private.
  • Kick or ban anyone within your channel as you feel is necessary. Do this by using the /kick or /ban commands. Only operators may perform this function.
  • Private discussions can be hazardous when they are used to talk behind someone’s back. Use them sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.