Murray Rothbard, in his 30s, at the typewriter

And thanks for dropping by. I write under the name QuestEon, and this site explores the emerging on-line community known as FreeDomain Radio (FDR). FreeDomain Radio is owned and operated by Stefan Molyneux. Is it a philosophy Web site? A community? A cult?

Or something more?

This blog explores the issues based on reason and evidence.

If you are…

    • a family member or friend who has been defooed and looking for answers

    • a member of the press trying to unravel the mysteries of FDR

  • someone considering joining the FDR community

…then please start with the brief introduction to FDR in the Introduction section. You can find more information about me and how this site came to be in the same section.

How to navigate this site

Don’t just click the pull-downs!

The menu is more than pull-downs and flyouts. Everything on it is clickable. There is information linked to each tab and subitem. For example, in the Philosophy section you can click:

  • the Philosophy tab itself
  • the UPB–Universally Preferable Behavior tab
  • AS WELL AS any of the tabs for The Promise and Failure of UPB

You’ll find that each one will pull up information that may be of interest!

Try it! It’s a freaking cornucopia.

Finally, if you’d like to talk further with me or other fun and knowledgable folks about FDR, philosophy, economics, and, well, just about anything else, please visit Liberating Minds.